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Join forces with Nextblue to shape a water-secure world and elevate your brand. Together, we'll tackle critical water challenges and make a wave for change.

Connect with our audience: A diverse and dedicated community of thousands, including water professionals, policymakers, researchers, and sustainability advocates, all working towards a water-secure future.

Increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and drive lasting change.

Here's how Nextblue can help you achieve your water sustainability goals:

Expand your reach and influence: Connect with a highly engaged global community, positioning you as a leader in water sustainability.
Generate qualified leads: Tap into a network of water solution partners for successful collaborations and knowledge sharing.
Implement long-lasting solutions: Co-create impactful solutions alongside empowered communities, researchers, and entrepreneurs.


Nextblue empowers your brand to lead on sustainable water solutions.

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Elevate your brand for good: Showcase your water solutions and expertise, and connect with our passionate audience through impactful multimedia campaigns, including compelling videos, podcasts, and interactive content designed to inspire action.

See where our audience comes from:


Nextblue transforms connections into action.

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Our Programs empower organisations of all sizes in the water sector, from startups to research institutions, to propel their water innovation journey.

Explore how we can help you:

Storytelling for impact: Equip your team with the skills to craft compelling water narratives through interactive workshops.
Co-creation & marketing: Develop engaging content (videos, stories, social media) showcasing your water solutions with our expert guidance.
Impact reporting: Craft compelling reports that quantify and illustrate the positive impact of your water solutions and communication strategies.
Industry events: Network with key water leaders, spark innovation, and drive water security conversations at our online events.
Consulting services: Provide expert consulting to help you develop and implement effective water management strategies.

Focus your impact:

Nextblue tackles the world's most pressing water challenges across three key themes: Water Safe Cities, Climate-Smart Agriculture, and Clean Water. Explore our dedicated pages to learn more about each theme and how your expertise can contribute to creating a sustainable water future.

Here's how partnering with Nextblue can benefit your organisation:

For companies developing water technologies

Innovate for impact

  • Pilot your solutions: Test and refine innovations in real-world settings with valuable feedback from communities facing water challenges.
  • Gain market access: Connect with a network of communities actively seeking innovative water solutions.
  • Showcase your impact: Create compelling video content to highlight your solutions' effectiveness and reach a wider audience.

For water utilities and municipalities

Deepen trust and collaboration

  • Boost community engagement: Facilitate two-way communication channels with residents to gather feedback and address concerns proactively.
  • Empower informed decision-making: Collaborate with communities to develop data-driven solutions that meet their specific water needs.
  • Build stronger community partnerships: Co-create programs and content that amplify resident voices and champion community-led solutions.

For research institutions and NGOs

Turn research into real-world impact

  • Amplify your research: Create engaging videos and concise one-pagers to make your findings accessible to a wider audience.
  • Empower action: Partner with communities to co-create solutions based on research.
  • Shape policy: Combine data-driven evidence with community voices to shape policy.

For donors and foundations

Invest in measurable change

  • Drive measurable impact: Track the real-world results of your investment through our data-driven approach and community empowerment focus.
  • Build lasting change: Invest in an approach that fosters local ownership and builds capacity for a sustainable water future.
  • Empower sustainable solutions: Support a platform that equips communities with the knowledge and resources to manage their water resources effectively for the long term.

Nextblue among finalists for impactful journalism Covering Climate Now Awards 2022.

In good company

We're passionate about helping our partners achieve their full potential. We collaborate to unlock growth opportunities, craft compelling narratives, and bring innovative ideas to life. Together, we've built programs that get results.

Here are a couple of examples of our work.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure

Media production services

Watch the video

The Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Media production services and storytelling workshop

Watch the video

Stockholm Environmental Institute

Storytelling workshop, co-production, and events

Read the stories

Wageningen University & Research

Impact reporting and consulting services

Read the stories

Royal HaskoningDHV

Media production services

Read the story

Our passionate team works remotely, fostering global collaboration. We'd love to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your project and see how Nextblue can help. For in-person consultations, please contact us at to arrange a visit to our Rotterdam office:

Goudsesingel 102, 3011 KD, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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