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Partner with Nextblue to connect with a global community deeply committed to solving water challenges. Increase brand awareness, generate leads, and amplify the impact of your water solutions. Join us in making a wave for change.

Connect with our audience: A diverse community of millions, our audience includes water professionals, policymakers, researchers, and sustainability advocates all working towards a water-safe future.

Build your brand, innovate your water business, and drive action with our audience.

Here's how Nextblue can help you achieve your water sustainability goals:

Expand your reach and influence: Connect with a global audience deeply committed to sustainable water solutions. This positions you as a leader in the field and amplifies your impact.
Innovation and solutions: Work with empowered communities, researchers, and entrepreneurs to develop and implement long-lasting water solutions

  • Collaboration and action: Working together with stakeholders to achieve lasting change.
Build trust and credibility: By aligning with Nextblue, you gain valuable brand association and positive public perception. This strengthens your reputation as a company committed to sustainable water solutions.
Generate qualified leads: We connect you with potential customers and partners who share your commitment. We facilitate knowledge-sharing and co-creation of tailored solutions, leading to qualified leads and successful collaborations.
Tell your story: Through impactful storytelling we help you showcase your expertise and inspire action among a passionate audience. This empowers communities and mobilises them to support your water solutions, creating a lasting impact.
Global business Nextblue has established relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders in the water sector, including NGOs, policymakers, and research institutions.


Nextblue Media isn't your typical digital agency. We're a passionate team dedicated to amplifying the voices of water security changemakers. We create multimedia content (videos, articles, podcasts) highlighting water challenges like scarcity, sanitation issues, and the impact of climate change, alongside innovative solutions championed by communities and partners. Join us to craft impactful campaigns and empower your brand to lead in the global movement for water security.



Nextblue Events keeps 25,000+ water and climate minds engaged each year with ...


Implementation support


In good company

Use cases

We're passionate about helping our partners achieve their full potential. We collaborate to unlock growth opportunities, craft compelling narratives, and bring innovative ideas to life. Together, we've built programs that get results. Here are a couple of examples of our work.

The SEI Program

WUR Stories

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

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