About us

Did you know 2 billion people lack safe drinking water? That’s 26% of the world's population. At Nextblue, our mission is to create a water-secure world where everyone has access to safe drinking water. We are a passionate team of storytellers, researchers, and water experts, united to solve this challenge.

How we work

At Nextblue, we believe in empowering communities, fostering collaboration, and amplifying their voices through impactful storytelling. This integrated approach drives enduring impact:

Empowering communities by Training: We equip communities with the knowledge and resources they need to drive positive change in water management through storytelling workshops and strategic action planning.
Amplifying voices through Media: We amplify voices and stories through impactful media production to raise awareness, inspire empathy, and mobilise action towards water-safe solutions.
Implementing solutions through Partnerships: We engage stakeholders in collaborative partnerships to scale up impact and ensure our efforts lead to tangible and lasting improvements in water management practices.
Empowering communities, amplifying voices, for scalable water solutions

Unlock partnership benefits

By focusing on three critical themes β€” cities, agriculture, and clean water β€” we tackle the most pressing water challenges head-on. Partnering with Nextblue offers your organisation the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Here's how partnering with Nextblue can benefit your organisation:

For companies developing water technologies

Innovate for impact

  • Pilot your solutions: Test and refine innovations in real-world settings with valuable feedback from communities facing water challenges.
  • Gain market access: Connect with a network of communities actively seeking innovative water solutions.
  • Showcase your impact: Create compelling video content to highlight your solutions' effectiveness and reach a wider audience.

For water utilities and municipalities

Deepen trust and collaboration

  • Boost community engagement: Facilitate two-way communication channels with residents to gather feedback and address concerns proactively.
  • Empower informed decision-making: Collaborate with communities to develop data-driven solutions that meet their specific water needs.
  • Build stronger community partnerships: Co-create programs and content that amplify resident voices and champion community-led solutions.

For research institutions and NGOs

Turn research into real-world impact

  • Amplify your research: Create engaging videos and concise one-pagers to make your findings accessible to a wider audience.
  • Empower action: Partner with communities to co-create solutions based on research.
  • Shape policy: Combine data-driven evidence with community voices to shape policy.

For donors and foundations

Invest in measurable change

  • Drive measurable impact: Track the real-world results of your investment through our data-driven approach and community empowerment focus.
  • Build lasting change: Invest in an approach that fosters local ownership and builds capacity for a sustainable water future.
  • Empower sustainable solutions: Support a platform that equips communities with the knowledge and resources to manage their water resources effectively for the long term.

By partnering with Nextblue, you join a collaborative movement driving positive change in the water sector.

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Meet the Nextblue team

My journey with Nextblue began after four years living in Vietnam, where I witnessed the power of storytelling firsthand. As a delta expert with a background in architecture and journalism, I saw the need for a creative platform to amplify the voices of communities facing environmental challenges.

Joep Janssen - Founder & CEO (Let's connect on LinkedIn)

Today, Nextblue is a thriving team of over 60 researchers, storytellers, video editors, and changemakers who leverage the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between local communities and professionals tackling environmental issues.

Meet the amazing freelance team behind Nextblue's powerful narratives

Our passionate team works remotely, fostering global collaboration. We'd love to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your project and see how Nextblue can help. For in-person consultations, please contact us at team@next.blue to arrange a visit to our Rotterdam office:

Goudsesingel 102, 3011 KD, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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