Clean Water

Clean Water
Innovative solutions empower communities, building a future where clean water flows for all.

Clean water, the lifeblood of our planet, remains a critical challenge for millions worldwide. Yet, amidst this challenge lies a tale of innovation and resilience.

Beneath the surface, pollution silently threatens our rivers, lakes, and groundwater with toxic chemicals, harmful microbes, and plastic debris. This crisis demands immediate action.

Key contributors to water pollution include:

Agricultural runoff: Excess fertilisers, pesticides, and manure from farms pollute waterways.
Urban stormwater runoff: Litter, oil, and pet waste from cities wash into streams and rivers.
Industrial discharge: Heavy metals and toxins released by factories contaminate water bodies.

In the face of these challenges, innovative solutions are emerging. From advanced filtration technologies to community-driven sanitation initiatives, these solutions pave the way toward a sustainable water future.

At Nextblue, we empower communities not just as stakeholders, but as catalysts for change. Through compelling storytelling and collaborative partnerships, we champion initiatives that ensure clean water access for all.

Let’s inspire action and shape a future where clean water is abundant and accessible to everyone. Contact us today to start your journey towards impactful media productions and meaningful support for clean water solutions.

Building a network of changemakers

At Nextblue, we believe collaboration is essential to achieving clean water for all. We invite a diverse range of partners to join us in this critical mission:

For companies developing water technologies

Innovate for impact

  • Pilot your solutions: Test and refine innovations in real-world settings with valuable feedback from communities facing water challenges.
  • Gain market access: Connect with a network of communities actively seeking innovative water solutions.
  • Showcase your impact: Create compelling video content to highlight your solutions' effectiveness and reach a wider audience.

For water utilities and municipalities

Deepen trust and collaboration

  • Boost community engagement: Facilitate two-way communication channels with residents to gather feedback and address concerns proactively.
  • Empower informed decision-making: Collaborate with communities to develop data-driven solutions that meet their specific water needs.
  • Build stronger community partnerships: Co-create programs and content that amplify resident voices and champion community-led solutions.

For research institutions and NGOs

Turn research into real-world impact

  • Amplify your research: Create engaging videos and concise one-pagers to make your findings accessible to a wider audience.
  • Empower action: Partner with communities to co-create solutions based on research.
  • Shape policy: Combine data-driven evidence with community voices to shape policy.

For donors and foundations

Invest in measurable change

  • Drive measurable impact: Track the real-world results of your investment through our data-driven approach and community empowerment focus.
  • Build lasting change: Invest in an approach that fosters local ownership and builds capacity for a sustainable water future.
  • Empower sustainable solutions: Support a platform that equips communities with the knowledge and resources to manage their water resources effectively for the long term.

Why we collaborate

Lasting change requires a collaborative effort that extends beyond communities. We cultivate a network for change that includes water experts, government officials, NGOs, and the private sector. This network allows us to:

  • Amplify community voices: By working together, we ensure community needs are heard by decision-makers.
  • Mobilise resources: Collaboration helps us secure funding and expertise for implementing solutions.
  • Drive policy change: A united front can advocate for water-related policies that benefit communities.
This three-step approach empowers communities, fosters innovation, and drives real change.

Our approach

At Nextblue, we turn the tide on the urban water crisis through a collaborative and impactful approach:

Empowering communities through Training: We equip community members with the skills they need to share their water challenges through interactive storytelling workshops. These powerful narratives raise awareness, inspire empathy, and pressure decision-makers to take action.

Example: In India, we conducted community mapping workshops. Residents documented their water access issues, fostering a sense of ownership and leading to strategic action planning.

Capacity building & advocacy: We equip community members with the knowledge and skills to advocate for their water rights. We create impactful content that captures local water challenges and solutions. We facilitate dialogue between communities, policymakers, and experts.

Example: In Bangladesh, we partnered with Earth Journalist Network to document the community’s water challenges through storytelling. These powerful narratives were used to advocate for policy changes.

Shitalakshya river is dying slowly
Sonia Dewan Preity travelled along the Shitalakshya river, known as the lifeline of Narayanganj near Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. How to revive an ailing river?

By joining forces, we can create a future where every community thrives with access to clean and sustainable water resources. Let's start building a world with clean water together — one story, one solution, one community at a time.

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