Water Safe Cities

Water Safe Cities
Shaping sustainable urban water solutions through storytelling and community.

Imagine a young girl in a slum, spending hours queuing for a single jerrycan of water, often contaminated. This is the reality for millions living in urban water crisis hotspots.

In urban areas worldwide, millions face a daily struggle for safe water. Climate change, rapid growth, and ageing infrastructure compound this crisis, impacting over 2 billion people. Marginalised communities, already facing social and economic challenges, bear the brunt of this burden.

At Nextblue, we believe these communities are not just victims but crucial partners in creating solutions. We empower them through storytelling and collaboration, co-creating a future where water security benefits everyone.

Are you an investor, knowledge institute, NGO, or a company with innovative water solutions? We invite you to partner with us and turn the tide on the urban water crisis.

The devastating consequences of unsafe water on health, sanitation, and economic development.

Building a network of changemakers

At Nextblue, we believe collaboration is key to achieving water security in cities. We invite a diverse range of partners to join us in this critical mission:

For companies developing water technologies

Innovate for impact

  • Pilot your solutions: Test and refine innovations in real-world settings with valuable feedback from communities facing water challenges.
  • Gain market access: Connect with a network of communities actively seeking innovative water solutions.
  • Showcase your impact: Create compelling video content to highlight your solutions' effectiveness and reach a wider audience.

For water utilities and municipalities

Deepen trust and collaboration

  • Boost community engagement: Facilitate two-way communication channels with residents to gather feedback and address concerns proactively.
  • Empower informed decision-making: Collaborate with communities to develop data-driven solutions that meet their specific water needs.
  • Build stronger community partnerships: Co-create programs and content that amplify resident voices and champion community-led solutions.

For research institutions and NGOs

Turn research into real-world impact

  • Amplify your research: Create engaging videos and concise one-pagers to make your findings accessible to a wider audience.
  • Empower action: Partner with communities to co-create solutions based on research.
  • Shape policy: Combine data-driven evidence with community voices to shape policy.

For donors and foundations

Invest in measurable change

  • Drive measurable impact: Track the real-world results of your investment through our data-driven approach and community empowerment focus.
  • Build lasting change: Invest in an approach that fosters local ownership and builds capacity for a sustainable water future.
  • Empower sustainable solutions: Support a platform that equips communities with the knowledge and resources to manage their water resources effectively for the long term.

Why we collaborate

Lasting change requires a collaborative effort that extends beyond communities. We cultivate a network for change that includes water experts, government officials, NGOs, and the private sector. This network allows us to:

  • Amplify community voices: By working together, we ensure community needs are heard by decision-makers.
  • Mobilise resources: Collaboration helps us secure funding and expertise for implementing solutions.
  • Drive policy change: A united front can advocate for water-related policies that benefit communities.
This three-step approach empowers communities, fosters innovation, and drives real change.

Our approach

At Nextblue, we turn the tide on the urban water crisis through a collaborative and impactful approach:

Empowering communities through Training: We equip community members with the skills they need to share their water challenges through interactive storytelling workshops. These powerful narratives raise awareness, inspire empathy, and pressure decision-makers to take action.

Example: In Can Tho, Vietnam, we conducted community mapping workshops. Residents documented their water access issues, fostering a sense of ownership and leading to strategic action planning.

From stories to solutions: The powerful narratives shared through our storytelling workshops are the foundation for real change. We believe in collaborative problem-solving. We work hand-in-hand with communities, water experts, and innovators to develop tailored solutions that address specific needs and are culturally appropriate.

Example: Community stories reveal the challenges. Based on this input, we co-create solutions like rainwater harvesting systems in areas with limited water infrastructure or water-efficient public spaces to promote water conservation.

Capacity building & advocacy: We equip community members with the knowledge and skills to advocate for their water rights. We create impactful content that captures local water challenges and solutions. We facilitate dialogue between communities, policymakers, and experts.

Example: In Kwara, Nigeria, we partnered with a social activist to document the community’s water challenges through storytelling. This powerful narrative was used to advocate for policy changes and secure funding for a water well, ensuring long-term water security for the community.

Making rural water challenges visible through social media campaigns
Many people in Nigeria do not have access to safe drinking water, especially in remote rural villages. Social activist Samuel Dike Omaka created a social media campaign to tackle this issue, and successfully started a movement to bring clean water to a rural indigenous community in the Kwara state of Nigeria.

By joining forces, we can create a future where every city thrives with access to clean and sustainable water resources. Let's start building water-secure cities together — one story, one solution, one community at a time.

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