Water Safe Cities

Water Safe Cities
Shaping sustainable urban water solutions through storytelling and community

Imagine a young girl in a crowded slum, spending hours queuing for a single jerrycan of water, often contaminated. This is the reality for millions living in urban water crisis hotspots.

Climate change, rapid urbanisation, and failing infrastructure have created a perfect storm, leaving over 2  billion people (26% of the world population) without access to safe water, while 3.6 billion (46%) lack access to safely managed sanitation. Shockingly, this burden falls most heavily on marginalised communities – those already facing social and economic challenges.

At Nextblue, we believe these very communities hold the key to unlocking solutions. We go beyond raising awareness. We empower them through storytelling and engagement, co-creating a future with equitable water access for all.

Are you an investor, knowledge institute, NGO or a company with innovative water solutions? We invite you to partner with us and turn the tide on the urban water crisis.

Here's what makes Nextblue a compelling opportunity:

Unique approach: We bridge the gap between community needs and innovative solutions.
Measurable impact: Witness the power of storytelling in driving tangible change.
Sustainable business model: Invest in a future where clean water is a reality for all.
Together, we build a network of water safe cities, one story at a time.

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